BED is built on two simple beliefs. Make life easy and simple and truly understand the people who stay with you. I remember we took a paper napkin, drew some lines and simply started building. Without the traditional box of architectural drawings we could walk around every new space, feel the flow and the emotion and make changes along the way. The result is this very organic black-and-white design without decoration where beauty and emotion is defined by the architecture itself.


One of the core values of BED is freedom and we just don’t believe in controlling people. We think people are amazing and driven by fun and passion and self-development. When you control people you put them in a box that only limits their potential to achieve greatness. BED has no rules, no regulations and no supervision because we believe in the creativity, initiative and responsibility of the individual. In BED we simply trust people and ask them to use common sense and do the right thing.


The very principle of training is that you tell people what you think they should do. But how does that work when every member and every guest is uniquely individual? How can you set standards when every situation is different than the one before? It seems that training actually limits hospitality when it’s possibly just the sum of passion, common sense and true understanding of people. BED simply defines amazing hospitality as our ability to scan people because when we truly see them we will know what to do.


Friends in BED typically like to explore the city and the culinary wonders of Chiangmai. So we only serve breakfast and we have a really cool delishop where we prepare and present our daily Breakfast-in-BED. The food changes all the time but always combines world recipes with traditional Thai breakfast rituals. Food is home-made by our entire team that loves to eat as much as they enjoy to cook. We like simple food with strong and bold flavors. Made with quality ingredients and lots of textures in each and every dish. Food that surprises. Food that is emotion.


We absolutely love kids but unfortunately BED only accommodates adults with a minimum age of 18. This difficult decision was made after we had two serious safety incidents that involved two of our youngest guests. In the extensive review of both incidents we had to conclude that the design with many glass doors, tile floors and open staircases just couldn’t guarantee the safety of our young guests. We ask for your understanding and cooperation

Our Values

Talk with our Team Support

talk with our amazing team support members behind the BED scenes and to serve you through your stay with us

BED staff

I joined BED because I was a hotel guest here and I was impressed in every aspect of BED. For me, sky is the limit for creativity and innovation here. Well, my challenge is to apply my extensive work experience in five star hotels, a bank and a hospital into BED.

Senior Supporter

Wacharaporn Phetkruea (Kate)

BED Changkian staff

When I joined BED I had no hotel experience, I enjoyed cooking and communicating with people and was lucky enough to join BED as a Foodie and Front.
BED has been an excellent place to gain experience in all aspects of the hospitality industry. Now I am a BED Changkian coach. BED provides a great opportunity for anyone to learn skills and advance in hospitality.

BED Changkian team supporter

Thipdungporn Wangjitjaroen (Baai)


I have been with BED for 5 years and what I enjoy the most about the Team is the motivation and creativity that everyone has to consistently deliver amazing hospitality . This very special group of young people really understands that hospitality has no bounds. I am confident to say: anything is possible in BED.

BED Phrasingh team supporter

Marcela Fernandes Aragao

Coach of BED Nimman

After several years of 5 star hotels experience I was looking for a cool small hotel to work with and ended up in BED hotel 6 years ago. It felt a little bit strange to work in the hotel with no rules, manager or supervisor but after I know the reason behind this is just a cool place that filled me with strength and exceptional experiences.

BED Nimman team supporter

Wansuk Meejing (Yui)

Coach of BED Chiangmai Gate

Former programer who is now in love with hospitality. I love trying new things and thank BED for giving me a good work life balance and giving me new challenges at work everyday. I will never get bored working here.

BED Chiangmai Gate team supporter

Phetcharat Chaiwong (Nancy)